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Think big, do bigger, better.

If we are to truly be a socially oriented organisation, we have to be truly inclusive, across all strata of society and industry. Our sector, our country and the challenges we collectively face are simply too large to have programmes only for the same few categories in the same few places on the same few topics in the same old ways by the same few people.


Hence our philosophy statement.

A Better Tomorrow
Helping Hands
Impactful socio-hospitality programmes.

Since it takes the same amount of effort to organise the run-of-the-mill, glamourous, low social impact events as it does for our socially beneficial events, we felt we preferred to expend our efforts on programmes that have true long-term positive value at all levels.


Otherwise, we prefer to relax on a hammock on a beach, sipping chilled champagne.

Top quality, actionable content &
its impact on our community.

Since people make time to attend our programmes, they ought to receive a high-quality experience and information that is of professional use.


Therefore, we take up difficult, but essential topics; our speakers speak in first person, neither hypothetical nor politically correct; research and speaker notes/presentations are shared, and follow-up surveys and studies conducted to improve the next itineration.

Office Meeting
Our USP: hoteliers first,
then event mangers.

We feel it is vital to relate to one’s audience. As career hoteliers, we identify intrinsically with our audience and it with us in order to have our industry improve for the benefit of all.


Events are simply a medium of communication, engagement and change.


This is why X Events Hospitality (XEH) operates exclusively for the benefit of the Indian hospitality & travel industries.

You’ve seen some of our work, you’ve just not known it’s us. We like it that way.

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